What is Prox'me?
Prox'me is a secure service that provides access
to your web server located behind a NAT or firewall.
How to use?
The only requirement is ssh, in a terminal run:

$ ssh -R 8080:localhost:8080 share@prr.re
to forward the localhost's port 8080 to:

$ ssh -R 9000: share@prr.re
to forward the's port 1234 to:

...and so on.
You can pic any ports on Prox'me (hopfluly not already in use)
to expose any local web server through port.proxme
No configuration required!
How does it work?
Prox'me runs a dockerized sshd server, restricting users
to only use port forwarding.
When you make request to port.proxme a reverse proxy
forwards the requests to the dockerized server.
More info in this blogpost
This service is a blatant rip-off of ngrok.com, with two
big differences:
  • Prox'me provide clean URI while remaining free.
  • It's ssh based.
Find me on github @pchampio